Precinct Chair

Paul Gebolys is the Chairman of Precinct 4.

Paul Gebolys has been the Republican Precinct Chairman for Pct 4 for 15+ years.  He’s the Vice-chair of the MCRP Leadership & Organization Committee & is the Area Chair for West South Central Montgomery Co.   He’s been a Delegate to Montgomery County & RPT State Conventions for a couple of decades & has served on the SD 4 RULES Committee and the Resolutions Committee a number of times, including 2018.  He maintains associate memberships in the Woodlands Republican and the Montgomery County Republican Womens Clubs. He received the Volunteer of the Year award from the MCRP for 2011. He is also a Sustaining member of the Montgomery County Republican Party and the RPT Grassroots Club member (monthly donations) of the Republican Party of Texas and the 2018 Sustaining membership in the RPT 2018( and previous years for most): RNC Presidential Advisory Board, Charter Member of National Republican Congressional Committee ~ Presidential Advisory Board, and Charter member since 2007 of the RNC. Paul is the liaison for Montgomery Right to Life at the Woodlands Bible Church. As both board member and instructor he has worked for 5+ years with the Alliance of New Americans in helping legal residents become American citizens.  He writes a monthly Woodlands Magazine article as area representative on the Panther Creek Village Association. And best of all, he is married for 43+ years to Diana Gebolys.